Branding in the digital world: seen through legal eyes

Jeudi 4 Mai 2017, 13h45 - 17h45, Maison de la Communication, Av. de Florimont 1, 1006 Lausanne

What should you pay attention for when a company sets up a digital project to market its products and services?

We wish to discuss the relevant legal questions based on a concrete scenario: a company launches a new brand and plans to reach out to consumers through social media, while offering the products through a webshop. At the same time the company is developing a mobile application for its customers to promote these new branded products and services.

It is therefore essential for the company to measure the consumers’ preferences and needs.

All these projects have legal implications, such as:

  • how to make sure a contract with a developer will grant sufficient rights for the company to develop the application?
  • how to create a trusted environment with a brand while supporting consistent use of the registered trademark?
  • how to control – or limit - possible infringments?
  • how to keep data secure when this data is hosted externally?

To debate these topics, we are gathering three experienced speakers coming from the industry and an agency along with three knowledgeable legal experts in the field of digital, internet and cybersecurity.

13 h 45 Registration

13 h 55 Introduction

14 h 00 Project 1 : consumer facing initiative with David Smadja, Nestlé, Vevey

Digital strategies and tools are essential to market products to the consumers. David Smadja will explain the objectives and challenges of a project by highlighting the importance of the brand online, the relationship with the various stakeholders and how to obtain a return on investment for the company.


14 h 20 Project 2 : customer facing initiative with Roberta Limone, Zurich Insurance Company Ltd, Zurich

When developing a digital project in a regulated environnement, there are even more check points to consider than in a non regulated market. Roberta Limone will discuss the value for a company to develop its own digital assets marketed to customers and partners and share her experience.


14h 40 Project 3 : from a agency perspective with Michael Kamm, Agence Trio, Lausanne

Digital is part of a global ecosystem. Michael Kamm will talk about how to integrate the launch of a new brand for a webshop or a mobile app into a global communication ecosystem, which involves not only social media but also print, TV, guerilla marketing, PR and so on.


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